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In the early '90s, our eldest daughter started a Native American crafts business. We all lent a hand in preparing a booth for her first street fair. Since she hadn't spent years building inventory, we needed to bulk up the booth. After further research, we decided to add herbs for sale. This was a natural progression from our mutual love of gardening and fit in very well with the philosophy of the booth.

I fell in love with this section of the business and when it grew too big to share a booth with her items, we split it into a separate entity. We began with Native American herbs and those used by the Celts (to honor the heritages of the children). What was very interesting is how similar herbs are used for similar purposes. We came away from this discovery appreciating how very small our world really is and how alike we really all are.

As you can see, we sell herbs on this site. What we don't do is raise the herbs that we sell. There's only so much you can do in our little yard. This is where we grow and try out the herbs that we can. But there is no way we can control the quality nor achieve the quantity required. We can't even grow all of what we use and so buy from other sources for our personal use. And, of course, some of the herbs that we use simply don't grow around here.

What we also sell are some herb seeds. We encourage everyone who has the room and the physical stamina to grow their own herbs. While we currently don't have many, we will continue to search for reliable vendors and fill out the list as best we can.

We are affilates of Amazon.com and offer the path to them to purchase herbals and other informative books. We cannot possibly provide all of the information necessary to support you in your herbal endeavors so we do encourage you to build your own reference libraries.

We only buy from reputable vendors who control the quality and strength of the herbs as well as their handling and storage procedures. We buy in small quantities in order to maintain the highest freshness and viability. We currently offer 75 herbs. In the future, we plan to offer more but right now, we'd like to focus on rounding out all of the features that we plan to provide with the current selection. And we will be paying a great deal of attention to the requests of our users.

Welcome to our herb shop. I hope we can help you. I hope we can teach you. I hope we can learn from you.

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