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  HERBAL PREPARATIONS - General Rules   

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1. CRITICAL -- NEVER use any wild herb that you are not absolutely sure of, either in efficacy or identification. If you cannot be sure that you have the right plant, do not take the chance. Purchase it from a reputable herb dealer.

NOTE: Please be very judicious about collecting herbs in the wild. Many herbs that are wild-crafted are being harvested out of existence. It is better to buy from certified growers as these herbs have been specifically planted for harvest. They are a renewable resource. Once wild herbs are gone, they are gone.

2. Do not use aluminum utensils when preparing herbs. Aluminum combines easily with certain mixtures and it is just a better idea to avoid it. Stainless steel, glass, or enamel pots are recommended. The same care should be extended to spoons, knives, sieves, etc.

3. Insure that all utensils are scrupulously clean. If the preparations are to be stored for any period of time, it is best if all items are sterilized prior to use. This is especially true for creams, lotions, salves and syrups as these can develop mold if improperly packaged. Remember - you are creating medicine.

4. If using water, use the purest water that you have available. Bottled or mineral water are best. Hard water with a high mineral content can interfere with absorption of certain ingredients.

5. Do not exceed the amount of herb called for when preparing a remedy. NOTE: This is also true when administering dosages. More is not always better. Never use more than the recommended amount.

6. Use the best herbs you can find. These should have been correctly harvested and stored properly. You can't expect a good outcome when using an inferior ingredient.

7. If you're not sure, don't! Check with your health care provider for specific information and instruction.

8. The directions for the various methods of preparation that follow are general instructions. Not all herbs are created the same. If the specific herb requires different handling, quantities or dosages, this will be noted on the herb's page.

Infusion Preparation

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