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(Myrica cerifera)
Common names: Candle Berry, Tallow Shrub, Wax Berry, Wax Myrtle.
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Parts Used: Bark, bark root, wax. Methods Used: Hot water infusion.
Spiritual Uses: None identified to date.

Physical Uses: Native to American marshes from New Jersey to Texas, the bark from the root of the Bayberry is traditionally used as a tonic at the first sign of a cold or the flu. Native Americans used it to treat sore throats and fevers.

An aid to digestion and circulation, it is an effective treatment for diarrhea and has been used to treat colitis.

A bark tea used to treat itchy skin and dandruff was also used as an external wash for sores, boils or skin ulcers.

The wax from the berries was used to make candles and soap. The wax is removed from the berries by boiling the berries until the wax gathers on the surface of the water. Allow the water to cool. The wax will harden making gathering easy.




Tea Mixture:

  1. 1 oz. Bayberry Bark
  2. oz. Wild Ginger (Asarum canadense)
  3. oz. Cayenne (Capsicum)
  4. Mix together. Keep in covered container.


  1. Boil 1 cup of water.
  2. While the water heats, bruise the Tea Mixture.
  3. Place 1 tablespoon of Tea Mixture in cup.
  4. Pour water over mixture. Cover.
  5. Allow to steep for hour.
  6. Strain tea mixture out and discard.
  7. Sweeten as needed.
  8. Sip frequently.
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