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(Betula alba)
Common names: Beithe, Bereza, Berke, Beth, Bizzon, Bouleau, Canoe Birch, Lady of the Woods, Paper Birch, White Birch.
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Parts Used: Bark, leaves, oil. Methods Used: Water extraction.

Spiritual Uses: A Druid Sacred Tree also known as "Lady of the Woods."

To bring your true love to you, cast the bark into a running stream or other moving water while entreating the Birch with your request.

Burn the bark and send your prayer with the smoke.

Physical Uses: Native Americans tapped the birch for its sap; extracted Oil of Wintergreen from the inner layer of bark; made medicinal washes and teas from the bark and leaves.

The teas were used for rheumatism, to ease urinary stones, to calm upset digestive systems and as a general tonic. Mildly sedative, the tea is said to aid in sleep.

Believed to be effective for various skin problems.

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