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(Arctium lappa)
Common names: Bardana, Beggar's Button, Burr Seed, Clothburr, Cockleburr, Grass Hardock, Happy Major, Hareburr, Hurrburr, Lappa, Thorny Burr, Turkey Burrseed.




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Parts Used: Root, seeds, leaves, stem. Methods Used: Water extraction.
Spiritual Uses: To purify your home, steep a handful in the water that you will use to wash the walls and floors of your house.

Physical Uses: Teas have been used for general tonics and to alleviate gout or rheumatism.

Burdock is believed to neutralize systemic poisons.

Teas may be effective in soothing mucous membrane problems such as canker sores and sties.

Poultices have been used for boils and to treat acne, poison ivy, and poison oak.

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