• Not to be used during pregnancy.

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(Verbena officinalis)
Common names: Blue Vervain, Britannica, Enchanter's Herb, Herb of the Cross, Herb of Grace, Herb of Venus, Herba Sacra, Holy Herb, Indian Hyssop, Juno's Tears, Pigeon's Grass, Pigeonweed, Purvain, Simpler's Joy, Traveler's Joy, Van-van, Wild Hyssop.

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Blue Vervain

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Parts Used: The entire plant. Methods Used: Water extraction.

Spiritual Uses: It is known as 'The Enchanter's Herb' because it was used for so many different purposes. A most suitable offering.

Purification, protection offerings. Ward off psychic attack.

Used in medieval potions to attract love, increase wealth.

Physical Uses: Vervain has been used to improve circulation, calm nausea, and relieve the congestive symptoms of flu.

A natural tranquillizer, it is used to treat insomnia and nervous conditions. It also has a reputation for relieving the symptoms of epilepsy as well as suppressing the appetite.

Externally applied, it can help to heal wounds and sores.

Believed by some to be an aphrodisiac.

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