• Avoid application to extensively damaged skin.

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(Quercus robur)
Common names: Stave Oak, Stone Oak, Tanner's Bark, Tanner's Oak
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Parts Used: Bark, acorn. Methods Used: Water extraction, alcohol extraction.

Spiritual Uses: A Druid Sacred Tree, the Oak was the King of Trees in a Sacred Grove. All parts of the tree are magical and powerful.

Burn Oak to purify the atmosphere.

Physical Uses: Oak Bark Tea has been used to treat chronic diarrhea, hemorrhoids, and goiter problems.

It is used to minimize the symptoms of tuberculosis and to treat gastritis.

It also relieves the discomfort of a severe sinus infection with a great deal of post-nasal drainage.

An effective gargle for a sore throat. Use as a gargle or mouthwash.

The tea is helpful when treating hemorrhoids, varicose veins, and menstrual problems. It can aid in stopping internal hemorrhages and reducing fevers.

Native Americans would place acorn meal in damp places to encourage the growth of mold. The mold would then be scraped off and used to treat sores, boils, and other skin eruptions.

Acorn meal was a food staple of several tribes.

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