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(Stachys officinalis)
Common names: Betony, Lousewort, Purple Betony.
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Parts Used: The entire plant, when in flower. Methods Used: Water extraction, poultice, burning.

Spiritual Uses: A Druid Sacred Herb, with the power to banish evil, despair and bad dreams.

Burned at the Midsummer Solstice to purify and protect.

Sprinkle in front of all windows and doors to protect your home.

The herb was often planted in medieval churchyards for protection from evil.

Sleep on a small bag to avoid nightmares.

Physical Uses: The name of this herb comes from the Celtic 'Bew-ton,' meaning 'good for the head.' Traditionally used to treat headaches and nervous upsets.

Used to treat asthma and bronchitis, bladder and urinary complaints, and excessive sweating.

The juice has been used to help heal stubborn skin wounds and ulcers.

The tea is taken internally for sprains while the leaves that were used to make the tea can also be made into a poultice to apply externally to the sprained area.

Betony tea has also been used as a tonic and to treat children who 'fail to thrive.'

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