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(Asperula odorata)
Common names: Herb Walter, Master of the Woods, Sweet Woodruff, Waldmeister, Wood Rove, Woodward, Wuderove


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Parts Used: Leaves. Methods Used:

Spiritual Uses: A Druid sacred Herb.

Carry to change your life or to assure victory.

Add to Beltane wine to clear away obstacles.

Used in Medieval times as a strewing herb. Hang in the home for fragrance.

Physical Uses: Woodruff tea has been used to relieve stomach pain and to treat migraines and facial neuralgia.

It can calm the upset and ease restlessness.

The fresh leaves have been used to dress cuts and wounds while leaf teas have been used as a diuretic, for liver problems, to treat the symptoms of arthritis and as a laxative.

Frequently used to improve the taste of other medicinal teas.

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