• Use with caution.
  • Avoid excessive or long-term use.
  • Not to be used during pregnancy.

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(Artemisia absinthium)
Common names: Absinth, Absinthium, Ajenjo, Crown for a King, Green Ginger, Madderwort, Old Woman.


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Parts Used: Plant tops, leaves, seeds. Methods Used: Water extraction, burning.

Spiritual Uses: A Druid Sacred Herb.

Burn with Mugwort in an incense on Samhain to aid in divination and prophecy.

Add to protective charms and incenses.

Physical Uses: Wormwood has traditionally been used to treat digestive problems, including nausea.

It is believed to improve the appetite, heal stomach ulcers, aid with tuberculosis, improve kidney functions, cool fevers, and allay headaches.

It gets its name from the use of the tea in ridding the body of parasites such as round worms and tape worms.

Native Americans from Canada to Mexico used Artemesia to treat colds and bronchial maladies.

Compresses can be effective for treating bruises and insect bites.

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