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(Eriodictyon californicum)
Common names: Bearsweed, Consumptive's Weed, Gumbush, Holy Herb, Mountain Balm, Sacred Herb, Tarweed.
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Parts Used: Leaves. Methods Used: Water extraction, burning (inhalation), poultices.
Spiritual Uses: None identified to date.

Physical Uses: Native to the dry uplands of California's Sierra Nevada foothills in Monterey and Tulare counties.

Native Americans introduced this plant to Spanish missionaries. The Indians smoked or chewed the leaves to treat asthma.

An expectorant, the tea was used for colds, laryngitis, hay fever, asthma, nagging coughs, and bronchial congestion, as well as a mouthwash.

A poultice can be used to treat bruises, wounds or sores, sprains, insect bites, and rheumatic conditions and swellings.

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